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Bath Treatments

“This is my favorite spa in the Napa Valley.” – Monique H., San Jose, CA

Bath treatments in Calistoga and Napa

Lavender Hill Spa excels in providing clients with finest ancient and modern bath experiences.

Thalasso or bath therapy can be traced back to remote antiquity. Thalasso implies the use of sea salt or sea kelp infused in a bath.

Each of our bath options feature natural components that treat sore muscles, detoxify blood, elevate mood and enhance skin. Our intimate private bath cottages feature Jacuzzi tubs, accentuated by a beautiful oriental art theme. Our baths last one hour and include a blanket wrap and light foot massage. Upon arrival you may choose your bath treatment from the following options:

All bath treatments per person (1 hour) are $95.00


Volcanic Mud

Bath treatments in Calistoga and Napa

This is our version of the bath that made Calistoga famous. A one-time-use bath is prepared with our unique blend of Calistoga indigenous volcanic ash, white sea kelp, therapeutic minerals salts and lavender essential oil. Not the traditional “thick mud” this sophisticated treatment revitalizes the body and removes impurities while promoting healing and relaxation.

Calistoga Bath treatments

Seaweed Bath

Bath treatments in Calistoga and Napa

We combine mineral rich White Sea kelp (micronized) with sea salt and our own organic lavender essential oil. This therapy treats the nervous system by the uptake of trace minerals to nerve endings, restoring nerve circulation.   This process increases metabolism allowing the body to rebalance itself. The seaweed bath is the preeminent therapy for the stress of a hurried lifestyle.

Calistoga Bath treatments

Lavender Mineral Salt

Lavender Aromatherapy Bath in Calistoga and Napa

Organic lavender essential oil is steam distilled at our farm in Mount Shasta.  We add a generous amount of oil to a matrix of bath salt and White Sea kelp to make this treatment the ultimate lavender lover’s bath experience.  The benefits from lavender are legend and include relief from muscle pain, headaches, superior skin tonification and nervous system support.  Lavender essential oil is also used to chase away blues and is beneficial for a good nights’ sleep.

Calistoga Bath treatments


Calistoga Bath treatmentsInspired by the rich Thai spa tradition we have combined a euphoric blend of citrus essential oils and ginger, with white sea kelp and sea salt to provide clients a superior bath experience in addition we add to your bath a generous portion of coconut mild for its skin moisturing and regenerative qualities.  One of our most popular baths!

Calistoga Bath treatments

Rhassoul Clay Bath

Moroccan clay bath in Napa and Calistoga

Combining the euphoric effect of orange blossom floral water and ancient Rhassoul Moroccan clay produces a gentle and soothing experience of purification. Rhassoul Clay is natural clay mined from the ancient mountains of Morocco. This clay has been revered for a millennium as a skin regenerative. It is mineral rich, containing silicon, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and trace elements of lithium. This clay acts as a detoxifier and tonifier, leaving the skin nourished and cleansed.

Calistoga Bath treatments

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